Product details of F2 Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Stick Holder 3D HD Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone


  • Phone Screen Amplifier: enlarge the smartphone screen 2-4 times, which relieve the inconvenience and visual fatigue caused by long time focusing on small screen.
  • Protect your eyes to avoid longer fields of view. Reduces eye fatigue during movies and television caused by mobile cell phone display. Do not use the product in strong sunlight or strong light. It shows the better in normal light conditions or dark environment.
  • Fit for most cell phones. Enlarged Screen Magnifier fits for Phones and most Android phones including Android and other smartphones.
  • The product modeling simple, elegant, light weight, small size and easy to carry, suitable for use in a variety of occasions – indoors, camping, road, leisure and so on
  • With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people are using the cellphone online movies etc. because the cell phone screen is very uncomfortable, long term hurts the eye. Mobile phone display (amplifier completely solve the problem of mobile phone screen)
    • This magnifier with phone holder, lets you watch movies, watch videos or read from your cell phone handsfree. Super comfort and practical.
      • Make the long journey more relaxed and happier, make your life warmer and more comfortable.
      • Compatibility smartphones 5 inch this enlarged screen mobile phone to help you enjoy the movie or video indoors, camping, traveling, leisure and so on. A very nice and wonderful gift for family, girl /boyfriend, especially for the grandfather and grandmother when reading and watching something online.
      • Hd amplification without power supply, save power, great environmental products light weight, easy carry funny mobile phone accessories creative products more important: protect your eyes to avoid prolonged viewing screen damage to your eyesight.
      • How to use it:

      Please avoid using in direct sunlight or Blight, avoid light cause is not clear, it will display better in the dark light environment. This is the New Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Bracket and Enlarge Stand, which can 3x~5x magnify your phone screen to reduce your eyes’ fatigue during watching videos on the phone.


      Specifications of F2 Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier Stick Holder 3D HD Enlarged Screen Mobile Phone

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